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Science Tutoring with a Difference


Are you, or anyone you know, struggling in any branch of science? Tutoring is usually the best and most effective way to overcome such struggles, master the concepts being studied, and build a good foundation for future success. When children have struggles in their science classes, the most powerful resource for them is tutoring. At VALMOR SERVICES, INC (VMS), we provide effective and customized online and in-home science tutoring programs that designed for your success.

It is crucial that a firm foundation is laid in your child’s science education. Science forms a very important part of most student’s Middle & High School Education. Children usually begin studying basic scientific principles in the elementary grades, continue studying science in middle school, and then do more specialized science study programs through high school. Having a tutor is particularly crucial the moment your child begin to develop difficulties in science. Like most things in life, early detection and correction will reduce frustration and pay great dividends later in their science studies. Unfortunately, the demands of the science curriculum don’t always make mastering the concepts easy or pleasurable for many students in our school systems. For this reason, many students need high school science and math tutoring. VMS is the answer.

Generally, most students study, at least, one (different) area of science each year in HS. These areas may include, but not limited to, Environmental Science, Earth Sc, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, and Physics.


AS stated before, every year covers a different area of science, sometimes without any overlap in knowledge. For example, different levels of math build on each other, reinforcing skills and knowledge as a student grows. So, very often the advanced studies in Mathematics have prerequisites in the earlier areas of study. In contrast, the areas of science can be very different, and one area is not necessarily a prerequisite of another. For instance, biology and physics do not build on each other, so students essentially start from scratch every year in their science studies. There’s little, or no opportunity to build on their knowledge. And, further, they jump into new areas of study in science with no preparation or prior knowledge available to them.

So, mastering one area of studies in science does not guarantee success in another. Our skilled and experienced specialist tutors are quite capable of, and successful in, helping your child developing the skills necessary to master whatever area they find challenging or overwhelming.

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