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If you’ve noticed that your child needs extra help passing their classes at school, Valmor Services II Inc. is the team to call.

We’re experienced kids tutors who’ve successfully provided many students with the help they need in their most challenging subjects. Our tutoring services are flexible, accommodating, and affordable.

Our tutoring goes beyond just helping kids with the subjects they need help with. We also want to help them improve their confidence and develop skills to help them achieve their future goals.

If you’re curious about our services and want to learn more, please contact us at (786) 623-4627.

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Our Experienced Kids Tutors

Tutoring kids takes patience, kindness, and understanding. In many cases, a child’s lack of understanding is due to their active imagination rather than their ability to understand the subject.

When working with you, our tutors will be patient with your child and point them in the right direction without giving away the answers. Our strategy is to help students uncover the solutions themselves, which will help them with future schooling and build their confidence for the future.

All our tutors are qualified, experienced, and passionate about working with children. They’re equipped with many different tutoring strategies to help your child improve long-term, and they bring an enthusiastic attitude and caring spirit to every session.

Our Tutoring Specialties

As Miami’s best tutor, we have no weak subjects. We’ll provide your child with the help they need to improve at all grade levels and in all subjects.

We specialize in:

  • Math tutoring
  • English tutoring (reading and writing)
  • Science tutoring
  • Social studies tutoring
  • Study strategies

We know how to help struggling students begin to display advanced skills and gain confidence in the classroom. As our tutors get to know your child’s needs, they’ll track their progress and communicate it to parents or supervisors as necessary. We maintain an awareness of every student's progress after every session so that you can see their advancement in detail.


Online Tutoring for Your Convenience

These days, most of our tutoring is done online, a transition that we’ve found offers a great deal of convenience for our parents and learners.

If you’re a parent, you probably have a hectic life and many things on the go at once. Since we’ve transitioned to a primarily online service (in-person is still available), we've found that it’s a more convenient option for most parents. You won’t have to drive your kids to a learning center but can watch your child improve from the comfort of your own home.

Get in Touch with Valmor Services II Inc. for Tutoring Excellence

We’re always taking on new clients. We’ve helped many kids in and around Miami improve their grades because we aim to give them skills they can take with them for life.

Take advantage of our flexible scheduling options, tutoring expertise, and excellent prices. You can schedule your appointment with us online or give us a call and speak with one of our friendly representatives over the phone.

Call (786) 623-4627 to discuss your child’s tutoring needs.

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