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In-Home and Online & Tutoring: Tailored just for You!

With the right Student-tutor match, in-person tutoring can be a most rewarding and fulfilling learning experience. We, at VMS, do credit the high percentage of our students who have accomplished dramatic success (for instance from “F’s” to high “B’s” or “A’s”) to skillful Student-tutor matches. With the best and most suitable matches we endeavor to maximize your investment in your child’s education. In fact, without the right Tutoring Service, your child or teenager tends only to be more lost, confused, and even frustrated. VALMOR TUTORING SERVICE offers a wide range of tutoring programs that can be tailored to meet the needs of each student. We provide the highest quality In-home and Online tutoring services you can depend on. Our first goal is to help students better understand the subject matter in their current curriculum and perform better in their studies. However, even more important, we teach our students how to learn and develop skills which will be assets in their future progress.

Our Personalized Tutoring Services are developed to help students of all ages, learning styles, and levels:

  • Elementary & Middle School tutoring
  • High School tutoring
  • College & University Tutoring
  • GED & Adult Tutoring

Do you see a program that meets you or your child’s academic needs? Please give us a call today at (305) 417- 9771 to discuss how we can be helpful in helping you to meet those needs. BTW, even if you don’t seem to fall in any of the above listed areas, call us anyways. We might just be able to tailor a program for your child. That’s what we do! We are here to help!

Why VALMOR SERVICES, INC? What is the VMS Difference?

We are sure there may be many tutoring services available to you. So, you may be asking Why VMS? That’s a good question. You see, VMS makes all the difference in the world. As mentioned previously, we tutor students of all ages, ranging from Elementary & Middle School to High School, Adult Learning, and College. Our tutors work tirelessly with experience and skills to uniquely meet the individual academic needs of each student, preparing them to overcome their current setbacks or difficulties and also prepare them to master future academic challenges. This last point is of utmost importance. Our experience has taught us that students who are taught how to study, learn, and succeed are the greatest testimony to the success our Tutoring Programs at VALMOR SERVICES INC.


In addition, we offer:

  • convenient and flexible in-home and online tutoring
  • Careful assessment of each student’s needs
  • Personalized tutoring approaches
  • Individualized learning/study plans
  • Tutors, selected for your child’s learning style and personality
  • Progress reports and updates on a regular basis

Empowering Learners & Changing Lives

VALMOR SERVICES, INC offers tutoring services that fit students’ needs to succeed academically and in their life’s goals. We provide the missing link in their learning experience that helps to build their knowledge base and teach skills that help them become more successful learners and better students. They are taught better organizational and more effective study skills that provide the tools that most students are missing in the classroom environment.

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