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Valmor Services II Inc. is the team for you if you’re looking for a compassionate, skilled, and experienced tutor. Our highly qualified tutors and flexible services will accommodate all your tutoring needs.

Take advantage of our amazing tutors, affordable prices, and personalized services. We’ve been tutoring students for a long time and offer our clients excellence at all grade levels and subjects. We want to help your child reach their full potential in the subjects they struggle with, and we embrace many methods to achieve that.

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Tutors Who Accommodate Student Needs

Finding the right tutor for a student is an important factor in providing a successful tutoring service. No matter what subject your child needs help with, we’ll match them with the right tutor for their needs.

Once we find the right match for your student based on their grade level and understanding of the subject, we’ll focus on the skills they need the most help with. After a few sessions, our tutors will become familiar with your child’s needs, track their progress, and communicate it to parents and supervisors regularly.


Experienced Tutors

Every one of our tutors is eminently qualified for the job. We employ a rigorous hiring process where we select our tutors based on their success in tutoring trial runs, documented experience, academic credentials, and passion for tutoring.

Our experienced tutors will make a monumental difference in your child's progress in their subject. Take advantage of our tutoring expertise and watch as your child builds confidence in the subjects they’re currently struggling with.

Our Tutoring Specialties

We tutor all subjects at all levels, from elementary to college and university-level. Regardless of your student’s strengths and weaknesses, our tutors will find a way to help them improve their skills and grades in their subject.

Some of our most highly sought-after tutoring services include:

  • Math tutoring
  • English tutoring (reading and writing)
  • Science tutoring
  • Social studies tutoring
  • University tutoring
  • College prep
  • Study strategies

If your student needs help in multiple subjects, we’re more than happy to work out an ideal weekly tutoring schedule with you.

In-Person and Online Tutoring

These days, about 90 percent of our tutoring is done online, in keeping with COVID-19 safety protocols. However, if your student requires in-person tutoring because it will help them more, we’re happy to accommodate you safely. The type and schedule of tutoring sessions are determined during our initial consultation process.

Our online tutoring can be done individually and in group settings via Zoom. We utilize break-out rooms if the student requires individual help. However, we maintain communication between tutors throughout the session to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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We love taking on new students! Helping students is Valmor Services II Inc.’s passion, and if your child is struggling in school, we want to be the first place you come to for expert assistance. Our incredible team of experienced tutors, with their passion for teaching and deep knowledge of tutoring strategies, will effectively address your child's needs.

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