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Math Tutoring


It is a proven fact that a natural ability to do math is not required for students to succeed in Mathematics.

While natural talents do help some students to be ahead of their peers, it is found that one of the biggest predicators of success is a positive attitude to the subject coupled with continuous practice and a desire to learn.

Our experienced and skillful math tutors have had tremendous success with students of various personalities and learning styles. We endeavor to match each student with the “best fit” tutor to increase they're their probability of success.

Our talented Math tutor not only increase the students' levels of performance in math but also improve their self-esteem and ability to master the subject. This makes them happier and more confident to move on to the next level in mathematics.

Discover for yourself the convenience of having a wonderful online tutor guiding you to success in mathematics

Most Popular Mathematics Levels Covered by Our Math Tutors:

Experience has taught us that Mathematics is one area of study that requires a very strong and solid foundation in order for one to experience future success and mastery of the subject.

If your child is struggling in math now or needs advance classes to be ahead of the curve, personalized tutoring has been proven to be highly effective in filling those gaps and helping students to build confidence in Mathematics. Here’s a list of the most popular Math levels we cover :

  • Elementary & Middle School Math
  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2
  • Geometry
  • Pre- Calculus, Trigonometry
  • Statistics
  • Calculus
  • Remedial and Other Math Levels (Just ask us!)

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Elementary & Middle School Math

VMS pledges to help your child form that vital foundation in Math necessary for future success. Our tutors are the vital “missing link” in Helping your Students Reach their Academic Success in Math, starting with those early years.

Is your child struggling, frustrated, or even approaching a point of giving up in Math? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to help but don’t seem to know the answer to help him/her reach their full academic potential? If so, you are not alone! VMS invites you to learn and experience the joy that many other parents/guardians, like you, are experiencing. Our well-trained tutors continue to change the lives, by skillfully tutoring your elementary and middle school students, and help them taste the sweetness of becoming successful in Math. From 2008, VMS tutors have been working privately with individuals and small groups in helping children, teenagers, and adults improve their grades in the comfort of their own home, or their parents’ offices. However, since COVID-19, over 90 percent of our tutoring is successfully done online. We still offer the option of one-to-one tutoring if requested as long as all covid –19 protocols are followed. We do believe in the safety of both our students and our tutors. We do offer tutoring for kids of all ages, at all levels (struggling to advanced). We link you with the most appropriate tutor-fit for you whether you desire in-home or online tutoring, at a time and place that is most convenient for you.

Why should you trust the professionals at Tutor Doctor?

  • Most of our customers so far are by referral or recommendation of others who have benefited from the VMS Tutoring experience
  • We do take the time to understand how different students learn, and adapt our techniques and strategies to best meet their needs
  • We have been tutoring (all levels) elementary to college for over 14 years

Please Check Out Our Elementary & Middle School Tutoring Services

What is the VMS Difference? How We Can Help Your Child Study Better & Perform More Successfully?

Well at VALMOR SERVICES, INC, we are aware that even the smartest students do, sometimes, lose focus and find themselves struggling. We teach students, much more than academic skills. We help them to develop good organizational skills, better study skills, and effective study habits—which can ultimately lead to more positive attitudes and improved learning which usually translates into better grades. Through our private, in-home and/or online tutoring services, working with your child’s curriculum, we help them improve their performance in the subject and gain much needed confidence. How your child can benefit from our in-home and online tutoring services:

  • At VMS, our tutors are handpicked to best suit your child’s needs
  • We design a remedial plan for your child, where necessary, while working on their current curriculum
  • We track each student’s progress and give monthly feedback tor parents/guardians
  • We provide a comfortable non-threatening learning environment for you child

Knowledge + Discipline + Practice = SUCCESS


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