SAT Training in Miami

Valmor Services II Inc. is Miami's best source for SAT training. Whether you want to be as prepared as possible the first time you're writing the exam, or you'd like to improve your SAT score the second time around, our accredited tutors are here to help you prepare to gain admission to the undergraduate program of your choice.

We employ a variety of different approaches to help you study and retain information with proven methods that have been developed to meet individual learners where they are. Our goal is to elevate your knowledge base and study skills so that you feel prepared and confident in your ability to ace the test.

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How Do You Prepare for the SAT?

You may have heard that the SAT can present a formidable challenge, especially for people struggling with math, reading, and writing. You might be wondering how best to prepare to write the SAT and receive a score worthy of admittance into your post-secondary institution of choice.

We make feeling prepared to undertake your exam much easier with our 8-week SAT prep course spread out over 16 sessions of math tutoring and 16 sessions of reading, writing, and language practice.

Our approach involves:

  • Customized study plans
  • Identifying areas of strength and weakness
  • Targeted instruction
  • Full-length practices tests
  • Time management strategies
  • ...and much more!

Don't get crushed under the responsibility of trying to take on your exam prep all alone. Reach out to our team to book your spot in one of our highly sought-after SAT exam training classes.

One-on-One SAT Coaching

Our tutors provide targeted instruction and practice exercises designed to help you improve in specific areas. For example, if you struggle with math, we'll provide additional practice problems and walk you through the steps to solve them.

Don't be afraid to ask us anything. If you have more specific questions about our tutoring services, we encourage you to reach out to schedule an obligation-free consultation at your earliest convenience.

Take Full-Length SAT Practice Tests

We've spent over 15 years developing our proven test-taking strategies to help you reach your peak performance on test-taking day. Taking our full-length practice tests will give you a clear idea of what to expect and how to best manage your allotted time during testing. Practicing with us will also help identify areas of focus with the goal of strengthening your skills in time for test day.

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Valmor Services II Inc. provides Miami's student body with the best SAT prep courses and tutoring around. With over 15 years of experience, we're the region's top choice for learning strategies and instructions that will bolster your confidence and give you the skills you need to succeed.

Connect with us by dialing (786) 623-4627 to learn more about our dynamic approach to SAT prep for all learning types and levels.