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If you are searching for the right SAT training course in Miami, you can stop your search at Valmor Services II Inc.. We are very experienced in the art of training students for their SAT tests, and we want Miami students to take advantage of our expertise so they can score higher!

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Valmor Services II Inc.: Miami's Preeminent SAT Tutoring Service

Over time, we have gained our reputation as one of Miami's preeminent SAT preparation services for one main reason: results! At this point, the word has gotten out to parents and students alike that we are the team to turn to for SAT preparation.

The SAT is no walk in the park. Succeeding and achieving a high score on this test requires much preparation and focus. Contact our team today to get started early on preparation and set your student up for success.

Our Tutoring Programs: Positively Changing Our Student's Lives

When class is in session, focusing on the material is paramount. Whether your student is enrolled in one of our individual tutoring programs or a group SAT training class, we will implement an ethic of focus from the beginning. Because the SAT is so grueling, staying focused is one of the main keys to success.

Instilling focus in your students, even for the short time we are together, is a positive skill students can take with them that will help them in life.

Linking Students With the Right SAT Tutor

Finding the right tutor is key for enrolling students in our one-on-one SAT preparation program.

We have a broad range of skilled tutors at our disposal, all with either a post-grad degree or years of teaching and tutoring experience.

Tell us about your student. We'll ensure they're linked with the right tutor!

SAT Preparation Course in Groups

Our most popular SAT preparation method is group training courses. These courses fill up quickly, so if that's what you're looking for, we suggest you contact us and join in as soon as you can.

These SAT prep courses are led by our most seasoned and reputable tutors, all of whom have many years of experience helping students prepare for this test of all tests.

Preparing for All Sections of the SAT Individually

The three sections of the SAT are:

  • Reading
  • Writing and language
  • Mathematics

Students are given a certain amount of time for each section. The writing and language section is 35 minutes, the reading section is 65 minutes, and the mathematics section is 80 minutes, totaling 3 hours. The appropriate amount of training and preparation will be provided following these limitations.

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